What is Local Suppliers Portal

Local Suppliers Portal is a unified platform to help identify, introduce and engage suppliers into your organisations’ supply chain. It helps you manage those supplier relationships efficiently while increasing transparency of projects and engagement of local suppliers.


Identify suppliers within different zones and start the procurement process.

Local Suppliers Portal

Communicate your project to both sides of the marketspace, stakeholders and suppliers through the portals powerful user-centric tools, and data-rich reporting.


Suppliers are engaged and introduced into your organisations’ supply chain.



Has been transacted through the portal.


Customisations that tailor to stakeholders and suppliers

The ability to customise the customer facing portal and system configuration makes the Local Suppliers Portal a tailored platform to communicate your project to both sides of the marketspace, stakeholders and suppliers.


A tool that manages the full procurement process

Developed in conjunction with leading global resource enterprises, the system has full supplier on-boarding, pre-qualification functionality, sourcing management modules and powerful tools to manage the full procurement process to reduce manual, time-consuming processes that are a risk to any growth plan and business agility.

Manage all your procurement processes all in one place

From finding suppliers to managing projects, the Local Suppliers Portal helps you do more to manage those relationships.

Capabilities covered in the procurement process

These capabilities deliver accuracy, productivity and efficiency gains across an organisation to unlock exponential value.


Built as a modular procurement system, Local Suppliers Portal can be adapted to suit your requirements - use only what you need.

Full supplier onboarding

Onboarding new suppliers is simplified through a bulk contact upload process that sends invites and requests them to register, including completing pre-qualification requirements.

Paperless audit trail

Detailed audit trail available from any transaction managed using system.

Cloud based

No software installation required allowing it to be device agnostic and accessible from any internet enabled device.


The system can be customised to align with your own processes and terminology.

Live statistical reporting

Drives improvement through reporting configured to match your needs and make data informed decisions based on key parameters for lead and lag indicators.

Community engagement

Demonstrate investment into local suppliers and social license, support small business via category management, and sustainability through Local Supplied Goods and Services. This drives equal opportunity market share.


Best-practices and workflows of procurement process management standardized. Single point of opportunity management, submission to tender and supply management for suppliers.

Defined zones

Zone setup allows you to identify suppliers within different zones (km/mile radius).

Building Trust

Trusted by some of the largest global resources and defence companies including Rio Tinto’s Local Buy Program, Shell Suppliers and Rheinmetall.

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